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Classic Google Sites Deprecation & Migration Timeline

Find out when you can expect to start migrating your classic Google Sites to new Google Sites

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Migrate PERSONAL classic Google Sites

  1. If your site is suitable for migration you will see the NEW Convert your site to the new Google Sites Try it now banner, so use the Try it now link.
  2. If you want the new Google Site to be editable by the same people then check the Share with the same people option and then use the Start button to start the conversion.
  3. Once converted use the Continue button (if you change your mind while converting you can Cancel).
  4. Use the Review draft button to open the draft new Google Site created from your classic Google Site and make any changes you want to the draft new Google Site (any changes made in the new Google Site will not be added to the original classic Google Site).
  5. Once you're happy with the new Google Site use the Publish button to publish the new site at the original classic Google Site URL (you can choose to publish to a new URL if you do not want to overwrite the original site).
  6. Visit the published URL to see your new Google Site as your site visitors would.

Our Migration Service

If you need help with migrating your classic Google Site to new Google Sites we can provide advice on whether new Google Sites will meet your needs, manually convert your classic Site to new Sites or help clean up an automatic conversion.

Migration pricing

Notes and Availability

  • You can only convert your personal, consumer Google Site (a site made with a personal Google Account or a Gmail account) if you see the "Try it now" banner above your site. Classic sites that use features not supported in new Google Sites (like announcement pages, file cabinet pages, list pages, page-level permissions or web address mappings etc) will not get offered the conversion at the moment. For a full feature comparison see our Google Sites Classic Comparison.
  • If you choose to migrate to the classic site URL your original classic Google Site will become available in the Migrated Sites option. There you can make a copy of the original classic site or delete the original site completely. You can publish to a new URL and your classic site will remain unaffected.
  • If you find the conversion to new Google Sites has too many issues then you can disconnect the new draft site from the original classic Google Site and try again at a later date when new Google Sites offers more .
  • Migrations are not available for G Suite at this time.
List of migrated classic Google Sites
Disconnect a classic Google Site from the draft migrated site

Migration Timeline - updated 22/03/2018

Google has updated the dates it aims to start offering migrations so you can make plans for closure of classic Google Sites.

Migration tools

In the first three months of 2018, Google intends to launch an admin preview of features in the classic Sites that will help site owners migrate their content to the new Sites (this has been released to personal, consumer Google Sites on 21 March 2018 - see above). Later in 2018, Google intends to open up these features for site owners and provide a management dashboard to G Suite admins that will enable them to effectively manage the migration process. Join the New Google Sites Update group to get email notifications on these features and tools as they become available.

Admins who would like to whitelist non-domain admins to test and provide feedback during the preview phase of the site owner migration tools, ahead of the general launch, can submit requests here.

Deprecation timeline

Google plans to take your feedback on these migration tools into account when scheduling the deprecation and shutdown of the classic Sites. With that mind, Google will only announce a firm timeline after the migration process is underway for many customers.

A few things to note:

  • Once announced, the deprecation schedule will include at least one year of unchanged operation followed by three months of read-only operation. Migration will be possible throughout, including during the read-only phase.
  • When the read-only phase ends, all unmigrated sites will be preserved as a takeout archive.

New Google Sites Planned Features

We offer a full comparison chart with the features in Classic Google Sites - see Google Sites Classic Comparison. For more instructions on how to use new new Google Sites see New Google Sites How-tos.

The most used features from classic Sites will be incorporated gradually, while not ALL the features will be reintroduced Google constantly monitors the feedback and prioritizes heavily used and top requested features.

Original Announcement

You can see Google's original announcement, with updated dates, at An update on the classic Google Sites deprecation timeline.

Keep up-to-date

Join the Sites Update Group on the Google Sites Classic Comparison to get email notifications about New Google Sites updates.


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