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Publish your site to just your organisation or the whole web


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Publishing - Capabilities

  • Publish to specific audience (a private site, intranet or extranet)
  • Publish to domain
  • Publish to anyone on the web
  • Change published URL
  • Allow site to appear in search results
  • Work on site does not affect published version
  • Copy link to published site
  • Unpublish your site at any time


Publish to specific audience was released to rapid release on 28 January 2018 on a 15-day rollout (we're seeing reports that this is taking longer) and scheduled release on 26 February 2018 (again 15-day roll-out).

Publishing - Limitations

  • Respects G Suite Drive Publish permission
  • Cannot publish individual pages
New Google Sites - Publishing - 2018

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