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New Google Sites Articles

Add a site logo to new Google Sites

Add Site Logo

Upload or select a logo for your site and set its background colour

Add a footer to new Google Sites

Add Footer

How to add a site-wide footer to new Google Sites

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Copy and paste content in a new Google Sites

Copy and Paste

How to cut, copy and paste text, images and embeds in Google Sites

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Copy pages in new Google Sites

Copy Pages

Copy entire pages or use to make page templates in new Google Sites

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Give your page a different path - new Google Sites

Customise Page Path (URL)

Set your page URL in new Google Sites

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Duplicate sections in new Google Sites

Duplicate Sections

Duplicate Sections in your Google Sites and Copy and Paste across different pages

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Filter pages in new Google Sites

Filter pages

Find your pages easily in new Google Sites

Insert Calendars in new Google Sites

Insert Calendars

Insert single and multiple calendars in Google Sites

Insert charts in new Google Sites

Insert Charts

Insert single and multiple calendars in Google Sites

Insert HTML, CSS and JavaScript  - New Google Sites

Insert Custom Code

Embed your own custom HTML, JavaScript and CSS to add Twitter Timelines, Newsletter sign up forms, Disqus comments and more

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Insert content from Team Drives - New Google Sites

Insert from Team Drives

Add files stored in Team Drive, and entire Team Drives, to your Google Site

Insert PDFs, Word DOCX and Drive items - Google Sites

Insert PDFs and Word Documents

Insert from Google Drive any item that provides a preview

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Insert iframes in new Google Sites

Insert websites and Apps Scripts using iFrames

Insert external websites to new Google Sites using iframes and create gadgets using Google Apps Scripts

Related articles: Insert custom code HTML, JavaScript and CSS

Add custom domain web address - New Google Sites

Map Domain Web Address (G Suite)

How to map a web address to a G Suite based new Google Site

Migrate Classic to New Google Sites

Find out when you can expect to start migrating your classic Google Sites to new Google Sites

Nest subpages 5 deep in new Google Sites

Nest Subpages

Google Sites offers 5 levels of page hierarchy to create or moves subpages to

Edit and customise pages headers - New Google Sites

Page Headers

Page headers capabilities and limitations in Google Sites

Publish a new Google Site and control who can see it

Publish Sites

Publish your site to just your organisation, the whole web or a select group of individuals

Send feedback to Google about new Sites

Send Feedback

Tell Google your feature requests and bug reports directly from Google Sites

Side Navigation

Enable side navigation in new Google Sites and when it appears.

Set a custom theme color in new Google Sites

Specify Custom Theme Colour

Specify a custom theme colour or pick a colour from your site logo

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Share your new Google Site using a Team Drive

Team Drive Sharing

See who can access a Google Site in a Team drive, and share a Site stored in Team drive

Transfer ownership of new Google Sites by Team Drives

Transfer Ownership

Make another user the owner of your Google Site via Google Drive or transfer to a different G Suite domain via Team Drives

Upload Files

Use Google Drive to upload and share your files you want to provide from your Google Site

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Group content vertically in new Google Sites

Vertically Group Tiles

Group text, images and other items vertically

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